Our Story

Trapped in the mundane cycle of routine life, we all yearn for a time of tranquillity, time to relax, time to be with your loved ones, moments to disconnect from all the hassles of life and to bridge your mind with serenity. We as your humble travel partner teamed up with a group of extremely talented and passionate explorers whom we proudly call as Travel Architects, brainstormed numerous ways to make a positive impact on the lives of our patrons; this is what inspired us and it is the spark that brought Aitken Spence Travels Myanmar to existence!

We let you visit Myanmar with a greater purpose and that is to let you re-discover and reconnect with your inner self! As a land filled with tranquillity, a nation that remains unscathed by the effects of globalization, we chose this magical nation as it provides what your hearts have been yearning all along – Peace! We distinguished ourselves as a Destination Management Company where instead of offering you mere tour packages, we curate experiences that will tug your heartstrings and we create mementos that will fill your hearts with joy and serenity. Above all, we craft memories that you will carry with your soul for a lifetime.