5 Interesting Facts about Myanmar

Golden temples, spectacular natural vistas, vibrant culture and everything that a spirited traveller loves, can be experienced and enjoyed in Myanmar. The nation has a very little influence of modernization and some of the regions in Myanmar are so surreal and peaceful! Though this land seems normal with ordinary things to see, there is certainly more than what meets an untrained eye in Myanmar! Read on to know about some interesting facts about this eccentric country.

An extremely Valuable Shrine

  • The Shwedagon Pagoda is regarded as one of the worlds most valuable religious sites as it is entirely plated in gold and It is estimated that the pagodas total gold will weigh up to 9 to 60 tonnes! Reliable sources say there is over half a tonne of gold in the pagoda’s umbrella alone. Not only gold but also a myriad of other precious metals and minerals such as rubies, sapphires, and gems adorn the magnificent structure!

A Capital that emerged overnight

  • During October 2005, the status of being the capital city was stripped away from Yangon and was given to a city that nobody was aware of; that is Nay Pyi Daw! The government was building this city in secret and suddenly announced that it will be the country’s new centre of administration.

The Kingdom of Bagan

  • During the period between the 12th and 13 Centuries, a powerful kingdom flourished and thrived in the central regions of Myanmar giving rise to over 3500 temples, pagodas and a host of other historically significant structures. The region became the epicentre for Theravada Buddhism and it became the birthplace of the vibrant Burmese culture and language. Today this epic destination has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site and visiting here will certainly create wonderful memories that will stay close to your hearts for a lifetime.

A mysterious patch on people’s faces

  • Locals call it Thanaka – this is a special mixture of powdered bark that is obtained from a special tree. People of Myanmar mix the powder with water and apply it to their faces. They believe it has medicinal properties and it certainly protects them from the harsh tropical sun. though it is not proven scientifically, the people also believe that the mixture also has anti-aging properties and will result in you having a radiant and glowing skin after repeated application.

The vibrant cultures of Myanmar

  • Home to more than 135 ethnicities, Myanmar is indeed one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries in the world. Due to the country’s geography, groups of people tend to live in different regions each having their own customs and traditions. The nation is a melting pot of different ethnicities and will certainly give you unique cultural travel experience that will allow you to see the world from a totally different perspective!