A Journey Through Time

Being a nation that has a rich historical heritage, Myanmar is home to numerous ruined remains of ancient temples, pagodas and magnificent cities that were once ruled by great emperors. These sites are scattered throughout the country and few of them still stand tall against the tales of time reflecting the nation’s profound historical significance! Listen to the stories that the walls of these ancient structures whisper through the winds, awe at the mesmerizing views of the sun’s rays shimmering over these ancient edifices; wander through these sites and witness the great legacy that was left for the generations to come. Appreciate the cultural heritage and learn the values of a civilization that was hidden from the rest of the world millennia ago by taking a stroll through these eclectic historical places in Myanmar.

Join us for an expedition and travel through time to a bygone era when the tales of mystical beings and enchantments were written into the chronicles of Myanmar. Famous landmarks that have been added to our Historic Tour itinerary are certainly unique and will let you have a glimpse of how this great nation thrived during the ancient times.