Old Bagan

Remains of ancient monuments, old landscaped gardens, towering pagodas and the profound status of being recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage gives you an idea of the significance that the city of Old Bagan has in terms of History. The Bagan sightseeing experience is simply marvellous and will certainly leave you short for words! One would be transported back to the era when Myanmar’s great kingdoms thrived millennia ago, the moment you step on this fascinating land.

You would feel something magical, a sense of enchantment in your hearts and you would be short for words as you sink into the mesmerizing views and the intricate details on the architecture of Bagan’s exquisite monuments. Place your hands on the walls and listen to voices that echo through the atmosphere within these ancient edifices. Witness Myanmar’s history in all its vibrant and captivating glory as you wander through this olden city.