Inle Lake

Well-known for its picturesque views and for the unique population that lives around, the Inle Lake tour is one of the most special and enticing travel experiences that we have included in our itinerary. Feast your eyes upon the spectacular views of the mountains and the lake meeting at the horizon as you float along the lake on a boat. Be mesmerised by the peculiar and yet skilful fishing methods of the lake’s tribespeople, pass through the artificial plant beds over the water and please your senses with surreal vistas of the lake remaining very calm and tranquil.

More trivia on the Inle Lake :

The lake is rich in nutrients and it supports a variety of aquatic animals. it also functions as an oasis for migratory birds where they can replenish their thirst and hunger during the months between November to January. A tribe known by the name ”Intha” have inhabited the lakes since ancient times and they have adapted unique ways to enjoy the boons that the lake offers; they have made floating islands where they grow vegetables and greens, their houses are located over water on top of stilts and there is a lot more than what meets the eye to the lake!