Mount Zwekabin

Surrounded by a mosaic of lush green forest and agricultural lands, Mount Zwekabin is a mountain that magnificently protrudes from flat terrains of the Karen region of Myanmar; it boasts a pleasant climate during most times of the year. The area supports a variety of endemic as well as commonly known species of flora and fauna making it one of the most vibrant biospheres in the country. Walk along the scenic pathways to the summit while pleasing your eyes with views of immaculate mountains and the greenery that envelopes the terrain.

Travellers have the liberty of reaching the top on cable cars and no matter how you reach the peak, you are certainly in for a treat as you take in the view from the summit. Travellers say that the panoramic views from the summit are nothing like you would have ever seen before. The scene of the morning sun rising above the hills is simply spectacular if viewed from the peak and Mount Zwekabin Myanmar is certainly an experience in itself!