Mt Victoria

Boasting spectacular views and offering its visitors a plethora of exciting things to do, Mt Victoria is a paradise nestled amidst the clouds and a utopia for the adventurous souls! It is considered one of the tallest mountains of Myanmar as it stands tall towering over an elevation of 3,053 metres above sea level. Mt Victoria’s peak is home to a shrine and a few religious establishments as it is one of Myanmar’s most spiritually significant destinations. A plethora of interesting legends have been woven around this mountain and you would know why as you ascend the mountain surrounded by an enchanted ambience; it also feeds your curiosity about the surprises that unfold at the summit.

The Mount Victoria Myanmar trek is challenging and will certainly be adventurous! Even if you don’t seek for spiritual wisdom at the mountains, you would be mesmerized by the hiking experience itself. The mountain terrain is filled with dramatic undulations and some of the worlds rarest species of flora and fauna can be spotted along the trail. Join us for an exciting expedition to this spectacular destination and satiate your thirst for adventure!