This exquisite city served as Myanmar’s capital twice in the pages of history; that is from 1783 to 1821 and 1842 to 1859 to be precise! This is a township that is so serene and beautiful that it will certainly leave you in awe. Ornate temples and shrines adorn the city while you will come across lush patches of greenery and gardens scattered across the region.

The city was founded by King King Bodawpaya who was an heir of the Konbaung Dynasty. He made this city as his capital in May 1783. The city soon started to thrive and flourish with prosperity and became a centre of Buddhist reforms and learning. What made this city so significant in terms of religion was during the year of 1800 a group of Buddhist clergy from Sri Lanka obtained higher ordination and founded the Amarapura Nikaya.

Though the title of being the capital has been removed from this city today, it stands tall and proud rembling its great cultural and historical heritage. We have added Amarapura, Myanmar to our itinerary to give you a glimpse of the country’s vibrant history and to tell you the stories of a nation that prospered as a centre of great knowledge and wisdom; join us and discover the secrets of this eclectic wonder!