Irrawaddy River

Irrawaddy river is the longest and one of the most important commercial waterways of Myanmar. The river nourishes and shapes the nation heeding to the needs of people who live around it. Irrawaddy brings nutrient-rich water and sediments to the dryer regions of the country and over years the banks of the river have become oases that teem with life. Historical evidence state that transportation over the Irrawaddy began as early as the 6th century BC and the river was instrumental for rising of the great empires in Myanmar.

Today we can see the river retaining its immaculate and mystical presence still offering the same benefits to the nation. Millions of Myanmar’s people rely on this for their livelihood and it certainly is the lifeblood of this amazing country!

Come, witness the splendour of the great Irrawaddy; travel along its winding expanse and discover great new horizons! Add in everlasting mementoes to your memory and cherish a unique and exquisite travel experience with us.