Unchartered Sands

Myanmar’s beaches are certainly one of the most underrated attractions in its list of offerings. But we, travel architects, consider visiting these secluded beaches as a great blessing! Do you want to know why? It is because the experience you get here is quite unique as the coastal strip is less crowded. Upon visiting, you will have the beach all for yourself! You get the freedom to wander along and enjoy nature in its true and glorious self!

Walk along the unchartered sands with your significant other by your side or with a serene sense of solitude and see glorious sunsets, plunge into the warm tropical waters and snorkel your way through vibrant ecosystems that teem with a variety of marine life. Get aboard and set sail over the crystal waters and visit the many islands of the Andaman Sea (Mergui Archipelago). Join us and let us create the best Myanmar beach holiday experience for you and craft memories which will stay close to your hearts and you will cherish throughout your lifetime.