Kanthaya Beach

Feel the refreshing ocean breeze caress your skin, lean back and relax over the sand taking in the warmth of the tropical sun. Gaze upon the surreal views of the unspoiled waters and the pristine beach that is fringed with coconut palms. Hidden away from the hassles of urbanisation, the Kanthaya beach in Myanmar is certainly a paradise overlooked by many; the beach offers a safe haven for those who seek tranquillity and yearn for a sense of peace in their hearts.

The offbeat and quaint beach extends for 4.5 kilometres, the coastline is composed of small hills and rocks and the beach attracts a myriad of tropical birds making it an idyllic destination for birdwatching. The sea is usually calm and safe to swim, you could also see reef formations underwater and even spot sea turtles and other marine creatures if you are lucky. There is also a fishing village close to the beach where you can witness a day in the life of a Myanmar fisherman and appreciate their way of life.