Guide To Myanmar

Myanmar is undoubtedly an astounding nation with an extensive list of attractions and appeals. It is certainly a unique and eclectic destination that will redefine the way you perceive the world. But in order to have a memorable travel experience, you will require a little bit of knowledge on how exploration in this country works. To make things easier, and to get you started on the research aspect of your travel plan, here is a comprehensive Myanmar travel guide with a set of useful information which will offer you a glimpse of this great nation.


Applying for a visa is not as hard as you think. You can apply for it via online and it just takes under 10 minutes for the application process and you could get it approved within 3 working days.


Since the landmass of Myanmar is huge, the time you’ll spend on the road will be high. Distances between prominent attractions are far and road transport is comparatively slower than air transport. But to your relief, long-distance travel is mostly covered by luxury buses. In cities, however, taxies will be your main mode of getting around.

Money and ATMs

Two types of currencies are commonly used in Myanmar they are local money which is known by the name “Kyat” and US Dollars. But it is recommended that you use local currency as it is much cheaper and hassle-free. You’ll find ATMs scattered throughout the populated cities of Myanmar but keep in mind that most these ATM’s will incur a fee of about USD 4.00 for every withdrawal.

Cost of Travel

Cost of lodging is a bit expensive when compared with other Asian countries but food costs are much cheaper; it will cost you around 2-4 US Dollars per meal in Myanmar. A bottle of water is under 50 cents but please be mindful when disposing of the plastic bottles. Beer is also cheap at a couple of dollars per canister/bottle and gin and tonics costs you around USD 3.00 per drink. Overall travelling all by yourself can be expensive but, if you plan your journey through us, you can considerably reduce your travel cost while enjoying a hassle-free tour experience.

Dress code

Myanmar is a conservative nation so be sensible in what you choose to wear. You can wear something comfortable but remember your dress should cover your shoulders and knees. Following this dress code becomes compulsory when you visit the many temples and shrines that are located all over the country.

Health & Safety

Myanmar is considered to be one of the safest countries to travel in the world! Most of the people in Myanmar are Buddhists with a strong belief in Karma which makes crime rates in the country exceptionally low. When it comes to your hygiene and health however, do carry your hand sanitizer with you at all times and try to use it before touching anything which will go into your mouth. Remember to stay hydrated as the temperature in Myanmar can go up frequently and drink bottled water only.


The travel experience you get in Myanmar is certainly unique and you will most definitely be in delight and in joy as you wander along the roads less travelled in Myanmar. Although the country is not perfect, little shortcomings won't even matter if you see the bigger picture that is a travel experience that you will cherish for a lifetime!