Crafted Memories

Discover new horizons; explore a land filled with secrets and wonders with our carefully curated experiences, embark on an adventurous quest and tour Myanmar to discover vibrant cultures, chronicles, and legends of a bygone era, a different and yet a spectacular side of mother nature and a whole host of surprises in Myanmar. Begin your journey to attain life’s profound purpose from this mystical land.

Become one with nature!
Wildlife Trekking Climbing Kayaking
Revive your mind, body, and soul; slip into a sense of tranquillity as you walk through the trails of Myanmar’s lush wilderness. Be awe-inspired by the breathtaking views and become one with nature!
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Special Experiences
Food Temples Rivers People
Join us for a totally unique travel experience that takes you on the roads less travelled! We have crafted a host of specialised tour packages that will certainly bring happiness to your heats. Witness Myanmar in all its colourful glory from different perspectives!
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Embark on an adventure
Hot-Air Balloons Rafting Hiking Climbing
Meticulously designed travel packages for the thrill-seeker in you! Feed your hunger for an adventure taking in breathtaking sceneries, climbing the toughest terrains and venturing into the unexplored territory.
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Extravagant Journeys
River Cruises Cosy Abodes Luxury Amenities
Sprinkle in some luxury to your travel experience and pamper yourself during your adventure. Cosy abodes, luxurious amenities and host of special privileges are all part and parcel of these exquisite journeys
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Uncover a hidden culture
Ancient Kingdoms Cultural Tours Lost Cities Historic Monuments
Wander along winding pathways of ancient sites and be transported back in time to an era when Kings and Queens ruled these enchanted lands, experience the culture which has rooted itself deep within the livelihood of the people.
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