The Burmese Days

Scientific studies show that touring can be therapeutic and can aid in you getting your mind off stress. Having this in mind, we have formulated a tour that is therapeutic and at the same time exciting as well. The Burmese Days as we call the tour, takes you through the attractions that bring relaxation to your mind and soul. Walk-through the magnificent temples of Bagan and sink into a sense of absolute relaxation as you take in the architectural vistas and intricate artworks.

The extended tour also takes you through Amarapura’s royal monastery, the quaint villages of Kyauk Myaung, the small pagodas of Kyun Daw island and on river cruises over the Irrawaddy. During the course of the tour, we will let you visit Bagan – one of the most enchanting destinations in the country you will also be visiting the iconic attractions at Tagaung, Mingun and finally Mandalay where you will part ways from this magnificent country.

12 Days / 11 Nights
Highlights of the Tour
Highlights of the Day
  • Shwedagon Pagoda tour
  • Flight journey overlooking exquisite scenery from Yangon to Bagan
  • Cruise along the Chindwin River
  • Excursion ar Yandabo Village and witnessing terracotta pottery production
  • Amarapura Exploration
  • Witness how the spectacular potteries are made near Kyauk – Myoung – famous 50-gallon water pots.
  • A visit to the Buddhist monasteries at Khan Nyat
  • Pagoda Hill climb at Tigyang with views of the stunning Irrawaddy River
  • Tour through the enchanting colonial town of Katha
  • A visit to Kyun Daw Village by boat while exploring a number of small Pagodas
  • Continue the cruise through some of the most dramatic vistas of Myanmar
  • Walking tour of the ancient city of Tagaung covering the city’s many eclectic attractions.
  • A comprehensive tour through the city of Mingun covering attractions such as the world’s largest bell.
  • Departure from Mandalay